What makes Green Cloud Consulting unique


At Green Cloud Consulting, we want to be partners in the success of your business. By helping you to create efficiencies, reduce overheads and make the most of your finance system, we help grow your business which in turn grows ours.

For us, it’s not about how many hours we’ve billed this month, it’s about how many problems we’ve solved. How many little monotonous tasks have we helped make easier. How many bugs and discrepancies have we ironed out. How many hours of labour we’ve saved your team.

We are Technology One* gurus, ninjas and wizards. We know your systems inside out and we can help you get the most out of them. That’s why we do what we do.

Our specialities

Payroll & HR
Supply chain
Corporate performance management
Custom workflow
XLOne reporting
Crystal reporting



  • Tim Green
    Tim Green

    Tim brings experience working both in Australia and in Papua New Guinea. With strong relationship management skills, he has a proven track record of completing difficult projects on schedule and on tight budgets.

  • Phillip Martyn
    Phillip Martyn

    Phillip holds close to twenty years of business consulting and project management experience including eleven years working for Technology One. He has worked in Australia, Papua New Guinea, England and New Zealand developing and implementing solutions for a large range of government and corporate entities of all sizes.

  • Luke Savage
    Luke Savage

    Luke has a strong accounting background working across both Big 4 chartered accounting firms as well as in the commercial space. He brings strong client service skills and a commitment to achieving outstanding results within assigned deadlines. He has worked professionally in Brisbane, Sydney, London and China.

  • Julian Kennedy
    Julian Kennedy

    Julian has ten years of experience working across business intelligence, financials and system administration. Julian has worked professionally in Brisbane, Sydney, and Papua New Guinea where he has developed strong stakeholder management and relationship skills which have been fundamental to his career development. Along with his analytical capabilities, Julian brings a drive to achieve the right outcome for the given situation.

  • Natalie Wilcock
    Natalie Wilcock

    Natalie has been working with the Technology one software for over 10 years. Initially starting as a consultant for Technology One and moving into System Accounting roles using the Technology One Software. Natalie has been involved in implementations of various modules including Financials, Supply Chain and Works and Assets specifically in the Coal Mining industry and Corporate entities as well as maintaining the System Administration side of the software.

  • Lachlan Cawcutt
    Lachlan Cawcutt

    Lachlan has a background in Geotechnical Engineering and Accounting. Gaining consulting experience in resources, mining and infrastructure industries across Australia, he brings strong client facing and technical skills through work in external audit and business accounting roles and a passion for project management and strategic planning & implementation.

“When we say we make your systems work better for you, we mean it. This is what’s driven us since the day we opened our doors. We know the importance of good governance and record-keeping and how to make the most of the systems you already have in place.”

– Tim Green, Director

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